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Automated guided carts (AGC) are battery powered vehicles, similar to a mobile robot, that transport various types of equipment throughout a plant or warehouse environment. They are a cost-effective solution that combines simplicity, flexibility, and durability for today's material handling needs. At OCC Systems, our carts use a wireless control system that continuously communicates with each cart and allows for a real time map of AGC locations that are shown on the display (HMI) along with the battery status, diagnostics, and other pertinent status information. Our standard carts consist of "tugger" carts, "tunnel" carts, and "crabbing" carts , which can either be a "tugger" cart or "tunnel" cart.

"Tugger" carts are used for towing and assembly processes and are prepackaged to include the drive, batteries, and navigation system, that is housed in the lower unit. This helps to stabilize the control panel, indicator lights, and any ancillary items located in the front of the unit. OCC Systems can also modify their decks to handle custom tooling or fixtures to facilitate your product requirements.

"Tunnel" carts are also used for both towing and assembly processes but the main difference between them and "tugger" carts is that these carts are designed to be low profile and do not have any permanent fixtures attached above the standard cart. "Tugger" carts are typically used where you can travel underneath the assembly cart and for automatically picking up or dropping off assembly carts.

"Crabbing" carts have a unique feature that provide them with the ability to "turn in place" using a special drive package. This allows minimization of the AGC path as well as more complicated process applications due to the AGC movement.

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