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OCC Systems has experienced engineers and technicians to conduct Health Assessments to help customers minimize loss of production, due to downtime, as a result of unexpected equipment failure.  Our engineers and technicians are trained in Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) by monitoring the actual condition of a product and providing maintenance only when there are signs that the equipment is deteriorating or going to fail, which differs from Planned Maintenance (PM) where the maintenance is performed based on a schedule. Our engineers and technicians use the following tools to perform CBM:

  • Visual and "Hands-On" Inspections

  • Digital Photography

  • FMEA and FEA

  • Life Chain-Pull Analysis

  • Infrared Thermography

  • Vibration, Oil, and Motor Circuit Analyses

  • AWS Certified Weld Inspections

Construction Project

 STEP 1 

Our trained employees will spend time, on-site, with your personnel to become familiar with your equipment and operations to develop an audit plan and schedule.

 STEP 2 

We will begin the maintenance audit by focusing on the general condition and operation of the structural and mechanical components of your equipment. We will utilize varying degrees of detail during the inspection depending on customer requirements. Upon completion, we will present you with a comprehensive report detailing the condition of your equipment and highlighting any immediate concerns and recommendations.

 STEP 3 

OCC Systems will design and implement a preventative maintenance program for you. We can coordinate all necessary trades and activities on site and will return as needed to audit your equipment again, as well as assess the progress of your new maintenance program.

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